About ISEG

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The series of ISEG conferences started in 2014 by a common research initiative of Transilvania University of Brasov and the Institute for Economic Forecasting, in the area of sustainable, inclusive and smart economic growth. Over time, various growth and development models have been implemented all over the world, with positive direct and side effects on many economic, social, demographic and political aspects of community lives. Moreover, the concept of economic growth has its own continuous evolution in terms of defining dimensions and facets. New research is therefore always requested for policy purposes, to capture this continuous dynamic with regard to the definition, measurement and implications of economic growth in different geographic areas.

The ISEG conferences are not keen only on exploring the contemporary peculiarities of economic growth, but also on examining the implications of economic growth on different public settings, on education, health, as well as on all economic and social subfields. The design of effective public policies aimed to foster economic growth represents a particular topic of interest for the ISEG conferences.

Each year, a number of specific topics in the broad area of research described above will be advanced as major topic of interest. Also the ISEG organisers are open to any special session proposal.