Organizatorii conferinței internaționale ISEG 2020 vă anunță cu părere de rău anularea acestui eveniment planificat a se desfășura la Brașov în perioada 29-30 mai 2020. Această decizie a fost luată  în scop de prevenire a răspândirii coronavirusului, sănătatea participanților la conferință reprezentând cea mai importantă prioritate a noastră în prezent.

Să rămâneți sănătoși, și să ne (re)vedem cu bine în 2021, la următoarea ediție ISEG!


The organizers of theISEG 2020 international conference regretfully inform you about cancellation of this event planned for 29-30 May 2020. This decision has been taken as an act of precaution to prevent the spread of coronavirus, as at present the participants’ health represents our top-priority.

Stay healthy, and let’s meet at the next 2021 ISEG conference!


ISEG 2020 – 29-30 May 2020 

Inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Challenges, measures and solutions

The Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Administration within Transilvania University of Brasov, in collaboration with the Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Romanian Academy cordially invites you to submit research papers for presentation and discussions at the fourth edition of the International Conference „Inclusive and sustainable economic growth. Challenges, measures and solutions” (ISEG 2020). The 2020 event is organized in collaboration with Cuenca University of Ecuador.

The conference will be hosted by Transilvania University of Brasov and will be held 29-30 May 2020 in the Transilvania University Hall, Street Iuliu Maniu no. 47A, Brasov.

The keynote speakers of the 2020 ISEG conference will be announced very soon on the conference website.

The meeting will be an excellent opportunity for academics, researchers and doctoral students to present new research results and to discuss challenging issues on the topics of conference. The aim of this new series of conferences is to gather research interests and to stimulate collaborative research around actual macro- and microeconomic topics (as suggested below).


We are inviting submissions of both empirical and theoretical work that fits into the conference topics. Being a multi- and interdisciplinary conference, we encourage submission of papers in the following broad research areas: economics, finance, marketing and management. Examples of suitable topics:

  • Economic growth and convergence perspectives in the European Union: Measurement methods and new empirical evidence
  • Public and Private Finance Sustainability in the Context of Current Economic Challenges
  • Issues and challenges in the Romanian higher education
  • Challenges and prospects of economic growth in South Eastern Europe
  • New inequalities, multidimensionality and growth pro-poorness
  • Business for sustainable development
  • New approaches in marketing and management

For any information related to the conference, please contact us: monica.szeles@unitbv.ro